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DAY 10

WAKE UP Today I woke up at the normal time of 0500. I had no trouble getting out of bed as usual. My analysis of this is that it only takes a few days of consistent effort to wake up and immediately get up to instill in your brain that this is how things areContinue reading “DAY 10”


WAKE UP Today I had to wake up at 0430 to ensure I got in the gym to complete my workout before the gym got too full. I won’t lie I struggled to get out of bed this morning. The brain fog was strong. I got up around 0435. Tomorrow the wake up will beContinue reading “DAY 9”


WAKE UP As I said yesterday I planned to wake up today at 0500. I did. Similar to when I was waking up at 0830 I got right out of bed with no real struggle. MORNING DISCIPLINES This morning I went through the normal routine. First I drank 12 ounces of water then made myContinue reading “DAY 8”

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