Day 2


Last night I set my alarm for the same time 0830. Yesterday morning I had a slow wake up and stated that today would be more deliberate. This morning my alarm went off and I immediately tried to push out of bed. I felt confusion (as you would imagine first waking up) and it felt like I was fighting the world. I didn’t get straight up, but I looked at my phone for messages then immediately got up after. This probably totaled in 30 seconds of time as opposed to the 5 minutes yesterday. Improvement. Tomorrow I will fight the world and get straight up.


After getting out of bed I made it as usual. I then proceeded to drink 12 ounces of water. After the water I moved to the kitchen to prepare my pre-workout meal. While eating I again turned on a motivational speech compilation to program my mind. Today I listened to about 15 minutes or so. When I finished my meal I took some pre-workout and moved straight to the gym.


Today was chest day. As I did yesterday I will list the exercises, repetitions, and any additional notes I have to add on the exercise. I took the same amount of rest between sets as yesterday. 2 minutes for strength (today was bench press) and 1 minute for everything else.

Today’s top workout song was “Stay Schemin” by Rick Ross. I felt like grinding it out and improving today and this song definitely helped with that mindset. I would say it helps you be cognizant of the enemy within who will always try and slow you down. Fuck that guy. You’re out here to prove him wrong.

Bench press 5×3

  • 205×3
  • 205×3
  • 205×3
  • 205×3
  • 205×3

Barbell Incline press 4 sets with the reps decreasing every set

  • 115×12 This is an exercise relatively new to my program so I am concentrating on proper activation with light weight.
  • 115×10
  • 115×8 I noticed when I began to get fatigued my left shoulder would rotate forward causing a pinch of pain
  • 115×8 I continued to feel this pain. Due to years of bad posture I have one shoulder and one hip that sits lower than the other. This difference requires me to move my my arms in a different range of motion to activate the proper muscles on both sides. I may not yet be able to do this barbell exercise without pain. I will switch to dumbbell next week to allow that free range of motion until I develop more strength.

Assisted dips 4×12 A few notes to this exercise. First The goal of this exercise is to eventually move to unassisted dips then weighted dips while maintaining good form. Second I am putting it 3rd to intentionally come into the exercise fatigued so I will go further into muscular failure. This will acclimate my body to doing this exercise fatigued so when I switch it to a different position in the workout (first exercise) I will be better and stronger. Third, when you see a weight next to the repetitions it is assisted weight to be subtracted from my bodyweight not added.

  • 80×12
  • 80×12
  • 80×12 At this point I was getting a ridiculous pump
  • 80×12 I got a light shoulder pinch in the same shoulder on this set. This indicates to me I need to decrease my range of motion on this exercise till I develop strength.

Dumbbell Fly 4 sets decreasing in reps each set. This is another exercise I am still developing a better mind muscles connection to. So same as before, light weight and squeeze.

  • 20×12
  • 20×10
  • 20×8
  • 20×8


Today there is only a High intensity interval workout planned, no abs. I wanted to try something new so I did…

Death by burpees

Essentially you powerclean 1 rep then do 1 over the bar burpee. Every minute on the minute (EMOM) you add one rep and go until you cant anymore. Today I completed 5 Minutes and couldn’t complete the 6th. This brought to light the disparity in my power clean form so next week when I do this again I will do overhead ball throws instead of power cleans. While also adding a day to practice consistent power clean form.


After the gym I went home to slam a protein shake and do some stretching. I did about 30ish minutes of stretching today. I still felt pretty loose from yesterday overall. (SEE DAY 1 FOR GUIDANCE ABOUT STRETCHING.)


As with yesterday after stretching I immediately went into typing this blog to keep the programing in my mind to get straight to work. I will eat my first post workout meal in about the next 30 minutes. I have on my whiteboard today to “Create a comprehensive strategy for how long you will work and when you will take breaks.” I also have to create goals for this blog so I can have progressive milestones. I still haven’t finished my intro for this blog. Last night I was having second thoughts about how I wanted the intro to be. I will also review that today. After I eat my first meal I will get after it.

Alright after eating my meal. I did some house work then took a shower. When I came back from the shower I had a starting strategy for my work and break time. I am going to first try 30 minutes working with break periods of 5 minutes until the days work is done. For this to work I must be more deliberate with my daily goals so I can know when the work is done. My daily goals will be built off my weekly goals and so on and so on. Next I will move to working on that intro. I believe it is extremely important to finish that today so I can start publishing my works. After the intro I will start drawing together my goals. That will more than likely be on another separate blog. I will come back after my next meal with updates as to how it is going.

Alright I ate my next meal. The work strategy seems to be working well. I finished and released my intro blog. I am now going to review my day one blog for publishing and get that published. Then finally I will start developing my micro goals. After all that is done I will get it published out as well probably finishing my day by posting this blog. Tomorrow’s daily blog will be a little more in depth judging by what I decided my major 3 goals to be. I am going to get to work and report back in after my next meal.

I finished my goal blog and published it. I also picked out which book I want to start reading first. “Unlimited Power” by Tony Robbins. I am going to start considering reading as part of my work so I will treat it with the same plan as everything else. I fully intend on taking a longer break. I will give myself about two hours of whatever I want then cook my last meal and start reading after I eat it. That will probably do it for today’s blog. Tomorrow’s blog should be more in depth and specific to my progress. Pretty exciting stuff coming up. I will see you then.

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