Micro Goals

Okay if you’ve made it this far you know I structured my main 3 goals, and you also know to reach success I need to establish micro goals to help me achieve them. How are we going to create our micro goals? How do we know what micro goals will benefit us? Well I believe the answer is in breaking down the main goal to its roots. Whatever must be accomplished (no matter how small the step) to make that goal a reality. I will begin by restating my main goals so we can analyze them together.


Join the US Army Special Forces

First let’s talk about what is necessary to join. The process begins with “Selection”. To become a Green Beret you must go through 3 weeks of physically and mentally demanding tests while be analyzed by Green Berets to determine if you are a right fight for the job. In essence you must become an athlete, but you must also have what I call “Sport Specific Training”. Sport specific training is training dedicated to perfecting the specific skills and developing strength in the specific areas required of your “Sport”. An example of sport specific training in reference to selection would be rucking (essentially walking with heavy backpack) and rope climbing (during selection there is an obstacle course that requires you to climb multiple ropes). So we already established that I need to be an athlete, and we established that I am overweight. We also established that sport specific training must occur. What goals can I structure that will help all of these things?


I need to lose weight and you lose weight by watching what you eat and exercising daily. Knowing that I need to lose weight I should set a goal of what weight I need to be at that will help me perform as an athlete. Personally after analyzing my own performance I feel I could maintain 180 pounds and be able to perform at a high level in both the strength and cardiovascular areas. Using this information I believe we can establish micro goal #1.


Lose weight until the scale reads 180 pounds.

But we also need sport specific training? How can we knock out two birds with one stone? I suggest we incorporate exercises that will develop the muscles required to do the specific tasks. We are already exercising daily so it will be no problem to incorporate a few additional exercises. So let’s redefine our goal.


Lose weight until you are 180 pounds by dieting and incorporating sport specific exercises in your daily workout routine.

Boom first goal established. I won’t go into specifics here about the sport specific exercises I will add to my routine. You can read my daily blog to find out exactly how I am exercising.

Let’s take a look back at what is required for selection. As previously established there is a mental aspect to selection. Due to the secret nature of the process no one really knows what they are looking for unless you are an instructor. What can be assumed is that they are looking for people with the drive to constantly improve. So what we can do is develop our general knowledge to be more efficient at accomplishing tasks and developing our leadership skills. How can we do that? This brings us to micro goal #2.


Finish 1 informative piece of literature every two weeks.

When I say this I mean an entire book or an entire audio book directly focused at some form of self improvement. Through this we can learn techniques from the masters of whatever field we deem necessary to accomplish our own goals while simultaneously developing our own character.

I believe these two micro goals will be a great starting point for what I want to accomplish. Now let us take a look at my next Main goal which was to…


Stop masturbating and watching pornography for a year

The only way I see to accomplish this goal is to simply just do it. The start date will be the date I write this sentence. Start April 27, 2021 Finish April 27, 2022. Wish me luck. I will add updates about the effect this has on me in my daily blog.


Stop using smokeless tobacco.

Similar to the previous goal the only way is to just do it. I stated in my intro blog that I had 4 cans remaining and after those 4 cans I would be finished. That still remains the case. I will also add information about how this is effecting me in my daily blog.

That will conclude my micro goals for the time being. As I progress I will gradually change my micro goals to fit my current needs. An example of this would be when I reach 180 pounds I will probably want to start looking more towards performance and dialing in my sport specific training. I will also start incorporating an update about my goals in my daily blog at the end of every week. I hope you as a reader gleaned some information from this blog about how to structure your own micro goals. I am sure if they can be achieved then together we will achieve our goals.

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