Day 3


I did it. I set my alarm for the standard time (0830) last night, and I woke up today with one thought on my mind. “GET UP” I rolled out of bed immediately.


After my personal triumph against my own mind I immediately made my bed. I consumed the standard 12 ounces of water, and moved to the kitchen to prepare my pre-workout meal. I turned on the normal morning motivation for the day. I listened for maybe 20 minutes this morning. For some reason I felt impowered. In the relatively few moments I was listening to those speakers I felt enlightened and euphoric. I felt like all the dreams I have ever had in my mind (though I have never had them physically) were in the palm of my hand. I can not describe the strong visceral feeling I had this morning. This left me primed for the rest of the day that I know I will crush. I took my pre-workout and moved to the gym.


Today was leg day. Leg day in my mind is the great equalizer. Leg day is an opportunity to test yourself physically and mentally, or an opportunity to be lazy and scrape by. You know we are not here to be lazy and scrape by. Leg day is the only day challenging enough and where I feel I can successfully burn enough calories to justify the cheat meal I allot myself once a week. Today I used the same rest as usual 2 minutes for strength exercises (today was squats) and 1 minute for everything else including abdominal work.

Today’s top workout song was Titanium by Sia. You will soon come to find I listen to a little bit of everything. This song feels pretty empowering to me and I hope it gives you the same feeling.

Squats 5×3

  • 275×3
  • 275×3
  • 275×3
  • 275×3
  • 275×3

Leg extensions 4 sets lowering repetitions each set ending in a drop set. I want to add that the leg extension machine in my gym is unilateral meaning it only works one leg at a time so the weights I depict below will be the weight per leg not combined.

  • 55×12
  • 55×10
  • 60×8
  • 60×8 45×8 35×8

Hamstring curls 4 sets lowering repetitions each set. The same rules apply about this exercise as did leg extensions. The machine is also unilateral.

  • 45×12
  • 50×10
  • 50×8
  • 50×8

Weighted walking lunges 4 sets lowering repetitions each set. This exercise is intentionally placed at the end of my workout because I feel it is a good finishing exercise. This works my entire leg and glutes and gives me a crazy pump. I use dumbbells for this exercise so the weight listed is one dumbbell but I will obviously be holding 2.

  • 20×12
  • 20×10
  • 20×8
  • 20×8

Abdominal exercises

Leg raises 3×15 this is a good exercise to strengthen your lower abdominals and hip flexors. Weight can be added to this exercise though I did not add any weight today. The number next to the repetitions will indicate which set I was on.

  • 1×15
  • 2×15
  • 3×15

Super set 3 sets of 15 sit ups followed by 15 crunches. A couple of notes about this exercise. First a super set means I did one exercise and then immediately switched to the next exercise with no rest in between. Second I cross my arms in front of my chest and go up until they touch my thighs. This always me to get the full abdominal benefit while also protecting my neck from injury if I was instead to place my hands behind my head.

  • 1×15/15
  • 2×15/15
  • 3×15/15


Today since I am having my cheat meal I incorporated cardio to really maximize the amount of calories I was burning. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill at 2.5% incline and at 2.5 mph.


After my workout concluded I drank my protein shake and immediately moved into my stretching routine. I stretched for the standard 30 minutes, but I was still feeling pretty loose in most of my muscles from the two previous days of stretching.


After stretching I immediately moved into typing today’s blog per the usual. I am still trying to drive the pattern in my brain to get straight to work because time is precious. As far as work for the rest of the day, I have no additional blogs planned besides this one so I will start reading my first book and taking notes for the book review I plan to blog. Like I said yesterday I picked “Unlimited Power” by Tony Robbins it should be an informative read. I am hoping it has practical strategies that I can put to use in my own life. Another additional note is that I switched audio books. I didn’t finish “outliers” because though it was informative I just couldn’t grasp any practical tactics I could currently use from it in my life. I instead switched to “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek. This change was immediately useful as it has a lot of practical applications and strategies that I can use as soon as I go back to work. These strategies will also apply to my first main goal. My update to goal 2 is that I feel what can only be described as a surge of testosterone through my body. I find myself wanting to spend a longer time looking at women I find beautiful in the gym. I resist these urges and immediately turn my head when I see any woman walking near me or entering my vision. Overall, still staying strong. Goal 3 has yet to begin. I will report back in after my next meal and throughout the day as it progresses.

Alright so after I ate my cheat meal (which was icecream) my friend called me up and wanted to play video games. I ended up playing all day with him. Completely unproductive day. I managed to maintain the rest of my diet I am currently cooking my last meal of the night. Through this experience.. ultimately I decided it is best to stay off the video games if I really want to do this.. Goal 2 update: still holding strong no urges whatsoever after my cheat meal. Goal 3 I am down to 3 cans left so at most 3 days of tobacco left till I quit that too. Tomorrow will be better. I learned a lot today though I didn’t really accomplish anything. I am going to review this blog finish cooking and eating my last meal and head off to start strong again tomorrow.

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