Alright we are back at it. Today I still feel a little drained from what happened, but I need to cultivate more discipline and dedication so I can do this for the long run. Today I work.


This morning I woke up at the normal time (0830) and like I said yesterday it feels nearly habitual to just get out of bed and start moving as soon as my alarm goes off.


After getting out of bed I made it. I then moved to the kitchen to start preparing my normal pre-workout meal. When I sat back down I turned on my morning motivational speakers, and consumed 12 ounces of water while eating my meal. This morning the though I was still present and concentrating on the words of the motivational speakers I didn’t feel that motivated. I believe this is alright because life has it’s ups and downs no matter what kind of person we are. I will cultivate the mentality that no matter how I feel there is work to be done. After about 10-15 minutes of this I moved to the gym.


Today is an active recovery day in my workout routine. Active recovery days are incorporated to allow my muscles to recover from the weeks workout while also maintaining some form of caloric output for the day. Normally on these days I will walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes at 2.5% incline at 2.5 mph. I did just that and added at the end 20-25 reps of the power clean at extremely light weight. Early this week I noticed my form needed improvement so these are the measures I am taking to do so. No real additional notes to be had for today’s exercise. This should be pretty straight forward.


Besides diet and ensuring I am getting enough rest to heal my muscles, I may borrow my friends massage gun today to try and loosen up some of the tighter areas on my body. I don’t plan on stretching, but we will see as the day progresses (since I will most often times be sitting) if I feel I need to stretch.


Besides writing this blog my primary task for today is consumption of informative material. I still haven’t started the book I had planned to start. I will start it now.

I read for maybe an hour today. I seem to always find myself wanting to pull away from work. I am not feeling the sense of fulfillment I desire. Today was progress. Tomorrow I grow more. I will follow the strict 30 minutes on 5 minutes off routine to get through this book. I have to commit more. I have to spend less time with friends, watching tv, playing video games. I feel like my mind is hard wired to do these things. I have to break the habits.

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I am just a man who wants to live a better life.

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