Nothing new here 0830 I am awake I am ready to attack the day.


I made my bed per the usual. This morning my routine will be a little different. Sunday is the day I do my weigh in to measure where I am at and ensure that my diet and exercise regiment is actively helping me obtain my goals. I do not eat and I do not drink any water before weigh in. I also ensure that I go to the bathroom. This consistency in diet and specific routine before weigh in allows me to get the most accurate and consistent reading possible as to what my real weight is. After I made my bed I went to the gym to weigh myself. You must also ensure you are using the same scale every single time. Different scales will read you differently. This morning I weighed in at 190. Last week I also weighed in at 190. This tells me that even though I broke my diet that the surplus of calories I took in on that day only put me at maintenance for the week. I effectively wasted a weeks worth of work, but at least I did not gain any weight. Next week I anticipate I will go back to losing weight and will probably lose a pound or more. I do not desire to lose more than 1.8 pounds in a week. That weight loss is too drastic to sustain the muscle I have developed through training. After weigh in I moved back into my room to listen to my morning motivation and begin eating my first meal.


Today is a full recovery day. I will do no exercise though I will at some point use the massage gun on tight areas in my body to ensure I am fully recovered and ready to start my next working week which begins tomorrow.


This morning I did not immediately go to writing this blog. I instead chose to clean my room which has been needing organization for a while. I believe the discipline I will cultivate by cleaning my room will aid me in developing over all discipline. I have also heard there are benefits to the mind when working in a clean environment. After I cleaned my room I ate my next meal and began to read my book again. The chapter I am currently on talked about modeling. Modeling in the sense that you pick what outcome you wish to have and find someone who has created that outcome. You fully analyze what they did to achieve that version of success and then replicate it in your own behaviors. After reading this chapter I immediately wanted to put it into actions. I essentially want to be a better warrior so I must know what the warrior does. I must know the warriors of old and the modern warriors. I believe I can achieve this by picking first a modern warrior who I wish to emulate and then by studying the greatest warriors of all time and their rituals, mannerisms, and daily routines. I already have a modern warrior in mind. Jocko Willink is an ex-Navy Seal who went on to create many books about discipline and leadership. Jocko also has a podcast where he brings multiple guests from all walks of life with one thing in common. These people have all shown outstanding capability in their field and were often warriors of their time and their place. Listening to these men and women I believe will help me cultivate beliefs and guide me to where I want to go. I will also find out Jocko’s daily routine and incorporate his habits in my daily routine. As far as warriors of old goes I have a few in mind to start with. One being samurai. Samurai were and are still renowned for their capabilities on and off the battlefield. They display extreme discipline and strong beliefs that are a common theme amongst other great warriors. The second warrior of the past I will research is the Spartans. If you don’t know who the Spartans are I recommend you watch the movie 300 based on the battle of Thermopylae. They are also renowned as some of the greatest warriors to ever live. I am going to look into these things and come back to finish today’s blogs.

My final entry today. I looked up Jocko’s routine and incorporated it into mine. This will include waking up tomorrow at 5 am. I also got a new audio book on the battle of Thermopylae. I am going to post this blog out and get to sleep so I can wake up rested for tomorrow’s early workout.

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