As I said yesterday I planned to wake up today at 0500. I did. Similar to when I was waking up at 0830 I got right out of bed with no real struggle.


This morning I went through the normal routine. First I drank 12 ounces of water then made my bed. Next I moved to the kitchen to prepare my pre-workout meal. I turned on a motivational speaker while I ate. This morning I decided to listen to a Jocko Willink motivational speech compilation. I have to say my mind was a bit foggy this morning while trying to listen to the speeches. I hope the words passed into my subconscious mind because my conscious mind definitely doesn’t remember what I heard. Once I finished my meal I took a scoop of pre-workout and headed out the door arriving at the gym at 0530.


Today was back day. Back day is one of my favorite lifting today’s and I could definitely tell I was rested and fully recharged for the workout today. I used the same rest between exercises as always. 2 minutes of rest for strength movements (Deadlifts today) 1 minute of rest for all other exercises including abdominal work.

Deadlift 5×3 on this exercise you may notice week by week I do not change the weight I conduct this exercise with. This weight is also relatively light compared to my max (405). Since this is the first working day of the week I choose not to over tax my nervous system by going all out on deadlifts. I want to maintain enough energy to ensure I am getting the most out of every working day. I am also currently in a caloric deficit which means my recovery resources are low and I am at greater risk for injury. I concentrate on form for this exercise until I move back in to eating at maintenance or a surplus. I would then feel more comfortable exerting more energy.

  • 255×3
  • 255×3
  • 255×3
  • 255×3
  • 255×3

Pull ups 4×7 Last week I decided I should probably increase the rep range at which I do pull ups because 6 was getting relatively easy. This decision was good and accurate for my body. I will say I will probably have to work for 1 or two more weeks on 7 before moving to 8.

  • 1×7
  • 1×7
  • 1×7
  • 1×7

Lat Pull Down 4 sets lowering reps each set and adding a drop set at the end. My lats felt good and strong today, but I chose to maintain the same weight as last week so I could ensure I was activating the appropriate muscles consistently

  • 110×12 I marked this as pretty easy so I probably could have done 2 more
  • 120×10 I also marked this as pretty easy so the same might apply
  • 125×8
  • 125×8 105×8 85×8 I intentionally chose to drop 20 pounds per drop set because it seems to be the sweet spot for me to reach the level of pump and failure that I want

Machine row 4 sets lowering the reps with each set. I started at a higher weight with this exercise than last week. I maintained the weight so I could continue to get a good squeeze. I did not reach the same weight today as I did last week.

  • 70×12
  • 70×10
  • 70×8
  • 75×8

Standing cable pulldown 4 sets lowering in reps each set. I am starting to get a lot better activation with this exercise so I may start to experiment by adding weight next time.

  • 20×12
  • 20×10
  • 20×8
  • 20×8

Abdominal work

Weighted planks (25 lbs) 3 sets 1 min each set

Oblique planks 3 sets 30 seconds each side

Super set situp/crunch 3×15 each exercise


30 minute walk on treadmill at 2.5% incline and 2.5 mph


While walking on the treadmill this morning I was listening to “Gates of Fire”. The story is told by a man who survived the battle of Thermopylae and is telling the story of the spartan life to the king Xerxes (I think that is how you spell it). He begins by telling his own life story about how when he was a child his city was sacked by the Argives (I think that is how you spell it). He goes into gruesome detail about how his mother and father died and how the crows feasted upon the bodies of his loved ones. He also told of the struggle to survive thereafter including nearly freezing to death and being essentially crucified for getting caught stealing a goose. It is my understanding that he told this tale to inform Xerces of the struggle that befalls a nation after it has been sacked. This may be leading to why the Spartans would be so willing to die for country rather than see it suffer in such a way. The beginning also gave a brief look at a part of Agoge (the Spartan’s right of passage to becoming a man). The story it told was of a boy named tripod. This boy was named so because he could be taken down by none of the other kids in his class when wrestling. This specific trial (I can not remember the name) has the prospect hold a metal bar wedged between two trees while he is beaten by two Spartans with wooden rods. The only way to stop the beating was to let go of the bar. This was done normally by the child going unconscious. Tripod never went unconscious and never gave up though the skin and muscles were ripped off his body exposing his spine and ribs. The trial ended when the Spartan’s hit him 4 strong times to try to knock him out so he would not die. Tripod released the bar but subsequently died from his wounds moments thereafter. Effectively he showed he would rather die than surrender to weakness. An astonishing tale and one that filled me with emotion. If there were boys who lived like this then I as a full grown man should never complain about the comparatively small and menial pains I endure. I am going to carry on through my day. I imagine I will go back to listening to this book as it has enraptured me so. I will check back in later.

I ended up listening to a book on finance. I was playing video games and got immensely bored. What was interesting about this boredom is that all I could think about was getting something done that would be productive in my life. I am appreciative of the mindset I seem to be cultivating.

Sorry I didn’t get this out on the day I wrote it. I honestly forgot to publish it, but nothing happened. Diet was good and goal #2 is in tact.

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