Today I had to wake up at 0430 to ensure I got in the gym to complete my workout before the gym got too full. I won’t lie I struggled to get out of bed this morning. The brain fog was strong. I got up around 0435. Tomorrow the wake up will be at 0500 and I will get right up.


This morning was the usual business. I got up and made my bed and then had 12 ounces of water. I went to the kitchen to grab my pre-workout meal and turned on a motivational speech while I ate. This morning I could concentrate for longer on what was being said. I was in a state of intense focus for some reason. After eating I took a scoop of pre-workout and got to the gym at 0500.


Today was chest day. Everybody loves chest day. There is not any new notes. The rest intervals were 2 minutes for strength exercises (bench press) and 1 minute for everything else.

Bench press 5×3 The weight felt decently light today I might experiment with adding more weight next week.

  • 205×3
  • 205×3
  • 205×3
  • 205×3
  • 205×3

Incline Dumbbell press 4 sets lowering the reps each set. I kept the weight light on this one but managed to get an insane pump in my shoulders and upper chest. I also didn’t feel the pinch in my shoulder that I normally get when doing barbell incline press.

  • 40×12
  • 40×10
  • 40×8
  • 40×8

Assisted Dips 4×12 The pump was crazy in my chest by this point and this exercise really gave me a good squeeze. I only got a light pinch on my shoulder for the last set. Remember the weight I put next to the reps is the assisted weight. So if I put 80 that means 80 pounds was taken from my body weight to help me perform the exercise better.

  • 80×12
  • 80×12
  • 80×12
  • 80×12

Dumbbell fly 4 sets lowering the reps each set. I didn’t get as good of a feeling in this exercise as normal. I believe it was because I was already fatigued coming into it. I did the reps really trying to get proper activation.

  • 20×12
  • 20×10
  • 20×8
  • 20×8


Today I did the same WOD (Workout of the day) as last week. 50 pound medicine ball over the shoulder into burpees. I started my timer and every minute on the minute I would do the reps. You start at one rep of each and add one rep every minute until you cannot complete the reps in that minute. I made it 8 minutes today. This was a very good cardio workout.


I will more than likely use the massage gun to recover today.


I am not sure yet what I want to accomplish today. I will have to give it some thought. I will more than likely listen to the audio book “Gates of Fire” some more.

I listened to a great deal more of that book today. I would more than recommend it to any aspiring modern warrior. Though I grasp inspiration from these books I still feel empty and lacking a sense of accomplishment. I want to do more. I want to improve my life more while I am on the journey to become a green beret. Maybe I will dedicate more time to this blog and turn it into something. Well It is late here and I am heading to bed. I go back to work tomorrow so my daily schedule will be a little different.

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