DAY 10


Today I woke up at the normal time of 0500. I had no trouble getting out of bed as usual. My analysis of this is that it only takes a few days of consistent effort to wake up and immediately get up to instill in your brain that this is how things are now. It also helps to have a driving purpose.


I made my bed. I drank twelve ounces of water, and I turned on a motivational speaker while I was getting ready for work. This morning I also added in 5 minutes of quiet meditation in which I concentrate on my breathing to help train my ability to concentrate on a task at hand. I ate a small meal and left to start the days work.


During the working week I am only able to exercise after work. No additional notes the rest intervals were the same. 2 minutes for strength exercises (today was squats) and 1 minute for everything else.

Squats 5×3 I would like to add that on the last set my coworker showed up to work out at the squat rack next to me. I respect this man and view him as one of my closest brothers. His presence fueled the desire in me to work harder. So I did.

  • 275×3
  • 275×3
  • 275×3
  • 275×3
  • 275×4 I managed to squeeze out one more rep with quality form when he arrived

Leg extensions 4 sets lowering the reps each set. I moved to the other room for this exercise after telling him I would be back to work lunges with him afterwords (an exercise he is significantly stronger than me on) When I went into this exercise I was still inspired to give more. So I did.

  • 55×12
  • 60×10
  • 65×8
  • 65×8

Lunges (normally 4 sets lowering the reps with each set) today I worked with him on this to hopefully glean some information about the exercise I may have been missing. This choice immediately bore fruit. My friend only does barbell lunges where as I only do dumbbell lunges. I noticed immediately after the first set that I lunge my leg off to the side which is improper form with the barbell. I soon began placing my foot directly forward which immediately gave me significant glute activation. The type of activation I was hoping to obtain. This will carry over to my dumbbell work for certain.

  • 135×8 (he doesn’t play around) After this set I realized I needed to humble myself and go down in weight a lot to ensure I maintain proper form. I will come back when I am strong enough to endure this for multiple sets
  • 25×10 (I changed back over to dumbbells as well) Using this new form I believe I can do more weight on lunges now. I will try next week.
  • 25×8
  • 25×8

Hamstring curls 4 sets lowering the reps each set

  • 40×12
  • 50×10
  • 50×8
  • 50×8 I was smoked by the end of this workout


I only walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes at 2.5% incline and 2.5 MPH. In this aspect I feel like I shorted myself on the workout. I won’t ever do it again.


I went to normal work today. I will never detail my day to day work life on this blog for obvious reasons. I will say I focused at becoming a better version of myself constantly.

This will be the end of today’s blog. Between work, working out, and ensuring I get enough sleep for muscle recovery I am very limited for time. So I have to stay active all day long and cognizant of my time and ensure I am using it to it’s full potential. I task I wish to get better at as well. I will also add today I thought about more so about how I could help my team more than I thought about how I could help myself and I found it extremely inspiring. Good night.

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