DAY 10

WAKE UP Today I woke up at the normal time of 0500. I had no trouble getting out of bed as usual. My analysis of this is that it only takes a few days of consistent effort to wake up and immediately get up to instill in your brain that this is how things areContinue reading “DAY 10”


WAKE UP Today I had to wake up at 0430 to ensure I got in the gym to complete my workout before the gym got too full. I won’t lie I struggled to get out of bed this morning. The brain fog was strong. I got up around 0435. Tomorrow the wake up will beContinue reading “DAY 9”


WAKE UP As I said yesterday I planned to wake up today at 0500. I did. Similar to when I was waking up at 0830 I got right out of bed with no real struggle. MORNING DISCIPLINES This morning I went through the normal routine. First I drank 12 ounces of water then made myContinue reading “DAY 8”


WAKE UP Nothing new here 0830 I am awake I am ready to attack the day. MORNING DISCIPLINES I made my bed per the usual. This morning my routine will be a little different. Sunday is the day I do my weigh in to measure where I am at and ensure that my diet andContinue reading “DAY 7”


Alright we are back at it. Today I still feel a little drained from what happened, but I need to cultivate more discipline and dedication so I can do this for the long run. Today I work. WAKE UP This morning I woke up at the normal time (0830) and like I said yesterday itContinue reading “DAY 6”

Day 5

Yes you read the title right. Yes I never posted a day 4. I started this page with the intentions of being fully honest and sharing all of my experiences bad and good so those of you who read this can see exactly what I endured on the way to my goals. In saying thatContinue reading “Day 5”

Day 3

WAKE UP I did it. I set my alarm for the standard time (0830) last night, and I woke up today with one thought on my mind. “GET UP” I rolled out of bed immediately. MORNING DISCIPLINES After my personal triumph against my own mind I immediately made my bed. I consumed the standard 12Continue reading “Day 3”

Day 2

WAKE UP Last night I set my alarm for the same time 0830. Yesterday morning I had a slow wake up and stated that today would be more deliberate. This morning my alarm went off and I immediately tried to push out of bed. I felt confusion (as you would imagine first waking up) andContinue reading “Day 2”

Micro Goals

Okay if you’ve made it this far you know I structured my main 3 goals, and you also know to reach success I need to establish micro goals to help me achieve them. How are we going to create our micro goals? How do we know what micro goals will benefit us? Well I believeContinue reading “Micro Goals”

Day 1

WAKE UP Last night I set my alarm for 0830. I woke up today a little slow and got out of bed at 0835. Tomorrow I will be more deliberate with my wake up and get out of bed as soon as the alarm rings. MORNING DISCIPLINES After I got out of bed I madeContinue reading “Day 1”


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